Before beginning in the street art universe, Luis Bueno worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. He is graduated in Graphic Design and has a Master Degree in Visual Arts. 

He initiated his experimentations in the streets of São Paulo at the year of 2007. After working with different techniques, he adopted the paste-ups as his artistic language. Through the use of this language, he developed works as the “Pelé the kisser” series (2010), “Reading People” (2011), “Bathers” (2015), among other works. 


Interview for the channel 8 Bitch Project, 2018

Project #PodeVir partnership with IdeaFixa e TNT, 2017

Interview for the site Music On Walls, 2017 (ENGLISH)

Article from journal Folha de São Paulo, 2016

Interview for the megazine Época, 2016

Interview for the blog Sonhe.cc, 2016

Article from The Antique Football, 2016 (ENGLISH)

Article from channel Museu Pelé, 2015 

Article from Vix, 2015

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